Normally, as human beings, we seem to have pessimistic or negative attitudes. Due to this, whenever we are with others, we lose our confidence for no reasons. Successful people, in the society, though at one point of their lives had this negativism pulling them down, but have soared high by overcoming from it with their positive thoughts.

It’s a fact that whoever lives on the unhelpful opinion of others falls short of self-confidence. When one depends on the other person for his/her decisions, he/she gives up his/her thinking and forgets that he/she has a brain to think for himself/herself. As a result, he/she becomes a fragile/feeble person and ultimately lands into dilemma in every walk of life.

I think many of us have heard the story of a donkey and its owner. Once, an owner of a donkey was walking with his donkey. On his way he met a stranger who laughed at him for walking along with it and not making his travel comfortable by sitting on it. After hearing his scornful words, he sat on the donkey and continued with his journey. After a while, he met another passerby who accused him of treating the donkey cruelly by sitting on it. The owner of the donkey got confused and landed into a dilemma and immediately jumped from the donkey and walked along with it… The story continued. The point that lies here is, the man acted upon the opinion and statements of the other and was not determined to carry out his decisions any longer. We can say, his actions depended largely upon the opinions of the other rather than his own discretion.

Building of self-confidence:
Very many times, we do act like him without applying our mind to our actions. We depend upon others’ opinions and forget to use our own discretionary powers to live upon. On several occasions, we must have clicked selfies with persons of high status/caliber and posted them on our Facebook walls or as a whattsapp status and must have celebrated doing it. We must have forgotten to think that we need to reach the same status one day and others must rush towards us to take their selfies with us. In order to be like them, we need to raise ourselves to their standard. To raise ourselves, we need to find our positive energy that is within us. Certain minimum risk is to be taken to find out our positive energy and talents that are hidden within us. To give an example, in order to become a pilot of an airplane, one is to take the risk of flying high in the air and to take such other minimal risks in his/her life to become so.

Role of Parents and elders in building self-confidence:
Usually parents take primordial place in the life of their children to build self-confidence in them. At the same time, it is to be remembered that our elders and parents have a tendency to put down, knowingly or unknowingly, their children too. When our children do not grow as per our expectations, we, the parents have a tendency to compare our children with their siblings or neighborhood children, saying “Look at him/her; how does he/she is doing and you are good for nothing….” We make these statements without giving any heed to the repercussions or adverse effects they have on the child. Instead of accusing the child, if the parents support the child when he/she fails to accomplish what they expect, “Don’t worry, try your best, I am there with you to support you…” I feel, these words and comments will boost the child to find out its own positive energy and to do wonders by building a positive thinking. This will help the child to build self-confidence. So let us give a try.


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